Just slogging along through my existence – and I’ve decided to crow about it.
Welcome to Slog-a-doodle-doo.

I have two sisters, Fi and C, a brother – T, and my best friend, G (how handy that all their letters have that ‘E’ sound to them, for easy reading). Obviously cannot leave Nana out of this – 94 year old whinge machine, my biggest fan and toughest critic.
I also am the proud owner of two Golden Retriever/English Springer Spaniel X boys, Pluto and Bonnie. Big fat disasters, they are. Couldn’t love them more if I tried though.
I hope to amuse and entertain all my readers, and above all else, amuse and entertain myself. No point wallowing in self-pity after a tough day if there’s a funny angle to be found and shared.

Get in touch through the comments, or directly at slogadoodledoo@gmail.com if you want me!