A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

10.54am – Nobody panic, but I haven’t been paid yet. WHY HAVEN’T IConnect 4 BEEN PAID YET!?!?

10.59am – I’d grouch more about not being paid,
but I’ve downloaded a Connect 4 app on my iPod,
and I’m addicted. I have a real one, but it’s missing a counter, just one. A red one. It drives me crazy. I like things being complete. So, this is what I’m doing with my morning off.

11.03am – I always get paid on Thursday morning, what’s the hold up? This is going to bother me forever. I’ll take it as a legitimate reason to procrastinate doing chores, because this needs to be thought through. Thoroughly.
And I wonder why I never get things done while I have time.

11.10am – Been paid. Chores ahoy!

11.18am – I don’t want to do chores though.

11.58am – It’s nap time. I’ll get stuck in after I wake up.

12.26am – Mother interrupted my nesting to get me into town and shop for something for Dads birthday, which in in 4 days. Flip. I’ve left my wallet in Galway.



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