A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Monday, March 6th, 2017

12.23am – So, I may not like Galway Girl overmuch, but Ed Sheeran, you’ve knocked the ball out of the park with Barcelona. What a tune for an adventure soundtrack.

10.26am – Also, can we take a moment that Ed has made a magnificent cover of Nancy Mulligan. There’s few things I hate more in life than a “Let me tell you a story, 22 verses long” song. Or a rebel song. Or a fadó, fadó song. But if I had to like one, Ed has given me an easy choice. Sorry, Shanagolden.

11.08am – I’ve got to shower, I put a hair mask in about an hour ago, and I’m pretty sure that that’s too long. Oopsies.

11.59pm – I guess you could say that today got away from me!
Oh well.
Nothing overwhelming happened.



4 thoughts on “Monday, March 6th, 2017

    1. It’s so not Irish, if that makes any sense – Nancy Mulligan is the real deal!
      As a survivor of tin whistle lessons during my childhood, I can also confirm that my main distaste for the song comes from the whistling in the background.
      Petty? Probably.
      Hotel? Trivago.

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