A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Friday, March 3rd 2017

8.59am – Am I a ridiculous human being for listening to romantic songs as the rain falls on my Velux window? Probably.
Do I care? Not one whit.

9.03am – My  BFF is enticing me to Westport. I’ve resolved to myself that I’m going to be more adventurous this year. However, I’m still stuck in my lazy habit of not wanting to go anywhere, for no reason. Gurl, imma be in Westport on Sunday!

10.27am – Controversial opinion alert – Ed Sheerans Galway Girl disappointed me. As an honorary Galway Girl, I was expecting a banger of a tune, and not just the chorus!

10.34am – I feel exhausted. I deserve a nap. I’ve watched one episode of Jeremy Kyle, and that roller-coaster of emotions is very tiring. Good thing coffee doesn’t affect my ability to fall asleep, I’ve downed about a gallon of it.

12.08pm – Phillip Schofield is a gift to Snapchat, I’m in bits over it (phillipschofe if you wanna add him).

12.13pm – I just lit my last three Dunnes Stores “Sandalwood and Amber” tealights, and since Dunnes don’t do them any more, I’m sad about it. But at least I’ll get one last whiff of them!

12.20pm – BFF is making spa plans. I knew there was a reason I loved her.

12.53pm – The more I do, the longer my to-do list gets. How??


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