A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Thursday, March 2nd 2017

10.07am – It’s about time March got here. I saw a lamb on my drive to work the other day, and hollered LAMMMMBBB so loudly, even the farmer stared.

10.02am – What level of procrastination is it when I want to go for a run in order to avoid my chores? Reverse procrastination? The literal definition of running away from my responsibilities?

10.19am – I hate it when my car is messy, and G and I did our drive-thru cruise of the city on Tuesday night. I basically look like the McDonalds binman. Galway, you’re far too accessible. And too accommodating to piggies like me!

10.12am – I read somewhere that coffee enhances stamina during a workout. OK. One hour from now, I’m hitting the road. Hopefully not literally. In the meantime…chores.

11.10am – Two minutes left in my hour – well, I’ve gotten halfway through making the bed now, and I hate leaving a job half done, so…an hour and a half it is! (For extra digestion).

11.30am – I just realised my phone is nearly out of battery. I can’t run without Spotify Run keeping my tempo.

11.31am – Yes I can, and I will. I promised myself.

12.29pm – Met very friendly dog on run. Hooray for training partners! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, also met a lovely white horse. I love spring in the country.

12.30pm – Just remembered that I have a meeting at 2 as part of my volunteering mission. I suppose I’d better not dawdle, and go shower and put on make-up and stuff.

12.55pm – OK, OK, OK, I’m really going to shower. Even though, I could just go outside and let the rain wash me clean. (Fleetwood Mac bants!)

2.00pm – The Record Break café in Ennis is so out of the way, but HOLY MOLY is it amazing. I walked in the door, and saw racks of records – but no café. And then, around the corner, such a quaint room, small and cosy. Right up my street. With lovely coffee, might I add. And they give the yum sugar biscuits. What a hidden gem! Check them out on Facebook here.

3.00pm – I am beyond excited for starting volunteering. The head lady is dead nice, and the job is right up my street!

5.54pm – I’ve given up pizza for lent. What the hell do people eat for dinner?

6.02pm – Excuse me while I starve my life away.


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