A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Friday, February 17th 2017

7.30am – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddddd I’m awake. On my day off.

8.26am – Can’t even pretend to myself I’m napping. Life would be so much better if my imagination happened instead of reality.

8.29am – Just got accepted as a grinds tutor, specialising in languages. Good luck, pupils!

8.31am – Looks like I’m gonna need a coffee.

8.33am – I just remembered that I got a knitting book while I was in TK Maxx in Galway yesterday. Well, my day off suddenly got more exciting.

8.36am – Just got up to make desired coffee, and observed that my pants are ruined. Wore a pad instead of a tampon to bed, and I sleep on my face, so there’s barely something on the pad, but just above it, the carnage starts. Is that how it’s gonna be today? Cos no thank you.

9.30 – OK, just got some more bad news – I’m convinced bad things happen in threes, so spoiled pyjamas, bad news…there’s something still in the works (eep).

9.32am –
And I was off to such a promising start! I did have my coffee though, and I’m gonna wash myself now – fresh me, fresh start.I’m kind of tempted to exercise, but I usually exercise before I shower, and I just feel too gross to even try.

10.44am – I’m a whole new person – cute outfit? Check. Full face of make-up? Yes. Clean and dry? Absolutely. Showers work wonders.

10.47am – On top of my knitting book, I also got a dog toy, so I’m gonna try train my dogs to play fetch. Well, Pluto. Bonnie is a big ole dope.

11.15am – They’re both big ole dopes. Does Plutos dirty paw wrecking my light grey jeans count as the third piece of bad luck? Cos I’ll take it.

1.12pm – I’ve just painted my nails, and it’s rather tough going, typing. Now my nose is itchy, and my head is beginning to tingle…I will not wreck my nails!

1.14pm – I also need to go check on the puppers outside, but that will also be nail-wrecking business. Vanity is tough.

1.18pm – Puppers are all good, nails are more or less dry – I’m back in the game!

2.00pm – I’m going volunteering! Having a job is time-consuming and all, but this is the first year in five years that I’ve just got one thing to do. No college and work, no work experience and work, but I’m in the habit of business, so busy I shall be.

2.45pm – I’m very excited to do arts&crafts with old people. In the nursing home where my granny resides, no less! Who said volunteering would be a drag?

2.50pm – Picking the bro up from school. So adult.

5.38pm – Took the bro out to dinner – that’s my February treat. I hate saving.

5.48pm –  I particularly hate saving for a mortgage. That’s just saving to get yourself in debt.

5.49pm – I would just like to take this opportunity to point out what terrible make-up the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid is. It’s peeling off my face in dirty patches, highlighting every pore and clinging to every bit of dry skin on my nose.I look like a leper.

5.52pm – Have just been immensely cheered by the fact that there’s a new post on Inné & Today, and it’s about random acts of kindness. Check it out here for a bit of a boost.

6.02pm – It’s granny visiting time! Goodbye world, I’m going to the land of no mobiles and no fidgeting.




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