A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Sunday, February 12th 2017

9.30am – Had a lonely start to the morning. Went into kitchen, C was absorbed in laptop. Went into sitting room. T was absorbed in laptop. Made coffee and went back to bed.

9.38am – Is this to be a day of doom and gloom? My right eye is sore, and keeps randomly leaking tears out of the corner. Thought it might look classy, so gave what was supposed to be a casual glance in the mirror. Turns out I’m an ugly crier even when I’m not crying.

10.36am – I’m gonna dip dye my hair in a while. But first! A run. In an hour or so.When I get up.

10.51am – Coffee lay forgotten on the bedside table and is now cold. There’s a single magpie lurking outside the window – one for sorrow…

1.25pm – Went for a run. Do I have the only dog in history that does not enjoy running too?

2pm – Gonna do a core workout too.With weights. Get the exercise glow on this grey day!

2.25pm – Dad just stomped into my room (I was in the middle of my core workout), and shouted at me for not coming down to dinner. I wouldn’t mind, but I told him I didn’t want any. Hours ago. And again before he put it on the plate. If he’s gonna ignore my specific directions, he can internalise his anger, I can’t do more than say ‘No’.

2.56pm – My glutes hurt, my core aches. I’m roasting.I’m gonna shower, and wait for the workout buzz to set in.

3.37pm – Now I’m hungry. Still no endorphins.

4pm – Half an hour before the dye dries. It’s getting EVERYWHERE holy moly! Well, I’ve nobody to blame but myself.

4.11pm – Got dye all over my Yankee Candle wax diffuser. Disaster!

5.35pm – My knees keep threatening to buckle. Workout was a mistake.

5.40pm – The red is really dark, and does not show up in my hair, at all. Marvellous. It’s showing up everywhere else though.

5.43pm – I have a dye-induced headache. What a gloomy day! I’m so huffy.

5.51pm – Just saw a tweet that said “U even a bird if u don’t find something to moan about every 2 minutes”. Clearly I’m a bird. And a good one at that!

6.27pm – There are very few things in life that can’t be healed with a good chat with your BFF, and that is a fact.

7.42pm – I love quiz shows, like The Chase. I feel ever so knowledgeable until I watch the show and know 2 in 10 answers.

8.30pm – Tried to go downstairs, but knees buckled. Never working out again.


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