A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Monday, February 13th 2017

7.05am – Why, oh why, do I have to go to work?

7.30am – Can’t find my car keys

7.45am – Still can’t find my car keys. I NEED to leave.

8.00am – Dad had buried my keys in an avalanche of the bric-a-brac that should have been thrown out long ago. I’m definitely late.

11am – How do you deal with incompetence? I can’t stand it. I get so mad that I’m left there, speechless, and jerks continue being jerks. I think it also surprises me a little, when people behave so unnecessarily. I refuse to dwell on it. Other peoples behaviour is not a problem of mine.

1.20pm – Got a little bag of Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments in Tesco. Felt I deserved it after the last two days.

2.45pm – Aaaaannnnd there’s my period. It definitely explains the mood. And the chocolate cravings.

3.41pm – Why did I have to turn the house upside down before I left? Now I have to put it back together.

3.42pm – I need to iron. I hate ironing 😦

3.47pm – I will not waste one more second whinging. I am going to horse through the chores, and sing power ballads as I go.

4.11pm – My to-do list hasn’t changed since last Tuesday. They call me Lazybones McGee.

4.53pm – Just found a little notebook I used to keep, and it has loads of things like what Runes mean, or differently coloured candles, and I cannot remembering making it, but it’s so interesting!

6.04pm – Well, ironing takes an age. On the plus side, I’ve been mostly productive – 3 loads of laundry, and one fully ironed basket of clothes later – it’s time for a smile.

6.13pm – I’m gonna go all out and have a coffee.

6.18pm – Fed Flounder and Sebastian as well (they’re my goldfish). They’re like teeny, no-effort, quiet dogs. My real dogs are barking up a storm outside.

6.20pm – I’m considering doing some yoga from this book that I have for running, but my knees and butt are literally killing me from yesterday. I do want to do some exercise though. Strange.

6.32pm – I have put the SMELLIEST wax tart in my diffuser – what in the world did I buy that for? It’s positively pungent.

6.43pm – My feet are so, SO cold. I need to move. I still have more chores to do.

7.45pm – I just did some runners yoga, and I feel all limber.I deflated my exercise ball and now I can’t find the inflation pump (genius move, that).

8.32pm – Just had the most perfectly cooked mushroom and cheese omelette. I was a little heavy handed with the salt, but I’ve learned from my mistake. The omelette progress is unreal – I can flip them with little to no mess now! Proud moment. This is shaping up to be quite the cheerful evening, and I’m happy.

9.01pm – I’m gonna stick on the jammies and go to bed. Today has been a day.


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