A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

7.30am – It’s 7.30. A.M. On a Saturday. Goodbye for another few hours, world!

7.40am – I’m gonna play some Trivia Crack

7.57am – I’m hungry. If I get up though, I’ll have to leave the (admittedly cold) house for the even colder great outdoors. The doggos need feeding too, and I’m the first up.

8.04am – Curse my adoration of food! I’m getting up.

9.07am – Bro and I are doing dishes. We’re so houseproud.

9.25am – I had some Cinnamon Grahams and some Sunlight Blend coffee (Kenco Millicano, if anyone cares), and a slice of my sisters toast, because she accidentally put Gooseberry jam on it, and she hates gooseberries (freak). Doggos had kibble. If I have to start the day early, might as well start it right.

9.36am – Pig videos on Facebook are going to disable me from being productive today unless I cease this madness instantly.

9.38am – Spotify threw out a banger of a tune, just as I was about to get up too. I love the Jamie Lawson song – Wasn’t Expecting That, not least because Ed Sheeran once said we all assume that this song is really sweet and romantic, with a terminal ending, but really it could be about an STI or something. I mean, the video knocks Eds theory on the head, but still. It’s silly, and it made me smile, so I’ll take it.

9.46am – OMG  The Facebook piggies have an INSTAGRAM!! (here it is)

9.49am – I can’t even with those piggies.

9.55am – I have a TONNE of stuff to do today, I need to clean my room, donate all my spring-clear out produce to charity, train the dogs some more…and, more importantly, find out where in the world I dumped my phone. I never use it when I don’t have minutes. Then I lose track of it. Oops!

10.03am – I’m still here.

11.26am – I showered, and my shoes match my top. I’m clearly on top of my game today.

11.93am – Well, that’s clearly not the time.

11.40am – Hair takes an offensively long time to dry. This was my first time in a very long time having a hairdryer used on me, and my second time ever using it myself. I used to have hair down to my butt, but I cut it all off. I figured, blast on, blast off. I was wrong.

11.49am – My toilet just frightened me, because I put some purple water dye in the cistern, and it bubbled as I flushed. I was washing my hands, with my back to it. As soon as I heard the different sound, I immediately thought “OMG, there’s a snake coming up the u-bend”. Thanks, JK Rowling. Yer One and the Loo Of Schnakes would go down a treat in the west of Ireland, no doubt.

12.09pm – Made more coffee to calm my frazzled nerves after the loo incident. Is it too early for a nap?

12.16pm – Just reached for my hairbrush, and flicked it right off the table. As if my lazy ass is going after it.

12.34pm – The tag on my t-shirt is flapping free in the faces of anyone who gets stuck  behind me. It will not tuck in, it will not lie flat. Am I an overly irritable person if this drives me daft?

12.35pm – I cut it off. Couldn’t cope.

1.15pm – Just got a 20% off voucher on HairyBaby, valid til February 31st. I’ve another one for the 12th of Never in my wallet too. Though, given the website, it may be a skit.

1.24pm – There’s a pink hoodie emblazoned with the slogan ‘Maybe I Like the Misery’. If that isn’t for me, I don’t know what to tell you.

4.25pm – I am so cold, I can barely type. I’m in the middle of making myself dinner, but why on earth would I focus on the thing that I’m supposed to be doing?

4.26pm – Can we all take a moment for Agatha Christie? I have a soft spot for Miss Marple, I can relate to her. Nemesis is shaping up to be a really interesting read.

6.02pm – Nanny McPhee is The Big Big Movie on RTÉ 1. I’m so excited, I love Emma Thompson, and Colin Firth. And that kid who’s so cute he looks like a nymph. I’m gonna microwave some popcorn and park myself for the night.

9.26pm – God, that movie was adorable. It’s all well and good to be a grown-up and to do all the grown-up things that 6 year olds can’t (like driving and whatnot)…but really, what more do you need than an endearing movie, your jammies and a bowl of popcorn?

9.29pm – It’s freezing in my room, I’m going to bed.

10.09pm – OK, I’m actually in bed now, but I popped out to say goodnight to the doggos, and stood at the locked front door, pressing the unlock fob for my car, wondering why everything around me was malfunctioning. Turns out the impression I had of my environment came from within myself. Awkward enough that. Fortunately, nobody caught me in the act.


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