A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

10.00am – I woke up after a 12 hour sleep. Is this going to be the best day ever? Possibly.

10.05am – Jeremy Kyle is on TV3. Definitely a great day.

11.10am – Doctors on RTÉ1 is quality viewing. Perhaps I’m destined to be retired, so I can enjoy all the daytime telly.

12.20am – I have a long, deep scratch on the back of my left hand. What is wrong with me? How did I fail to notice THAT in the making?

1.22pm – I’m lead-training my dog, so I took him on my Couch to 10K run. I have rope burn on the back of my knee now. Thanks Pluto. Minus the injuries, still a great day.

2.00pm – My sister has convinced me to go to Lahinch. Well, not convinved per se – I’m always good to go to Lahinch, she just asked me.

3.00pm – Can we all take a moment for Joe’s café in Lahinch. Just had a bagel that was to die for. It had sun-dried tomatoes and Swiss cheese and lettuce and relish and mayo…none of which I’d ordinarily eat, but combined…yum.

4.40pm – Scooted into the hospital for a five second ‘Hello!’ to Nana. She was not impressed by the flying visit. Fortunately, some cousins were there. I let them in on the chocolate stash collection before I left.

6.03pm – I just had a dinnery dinner, Mom style. It was basically potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas. She just leaves out the meat, since I’m vegetarian. B2 for effort, Mom.

6.06pm – I have one of those Yankee Candle wax tart creations, with the candle underneath, and the little tray for the tart. What on earth do you do with those? This is my third time using it, and the wax has stopped melting. Is it stupid-proof? Or maybe pleb-proof? Either way, I’m stuck.

6.28pm – I need to do my ironing. Rather soon. As in now. I think I’ll go play a game of Trivia Crack.

8.20pm – Gonna make bro do dishes. Make no mistake, I am not a slave-driver sister. I just firmly believe that The Boy should not be mollycoddled [mother and I disagree hugely on this one].

9.18pm – Just got done with the dishes. It is incredibly frustrating to watch someone learning something new. Particularly dish-washing. I wanted to take the sponge and hop it off his head. However, I was patient [outwardly] and tried to give useful advice instead. Job eventually got done to a rather high standard, if I do say so myself.

9.40pm – Ironing is still not done. Why am I like this?

9.43pm – Just remembered I have to pack my bags for a sleepover tomorrow. My bags are in my car. At the other side of the house. And, obviously, outside. WHY AM I SO LAZY THAT IT ALWAYS COMES BACK AND BITES ME ON THE ASS??

9.45pm – I have to leave at 8.30 tomorrow morning. I need to go. I WILL go.

9.50pm – Done. Just gonna sit here til I defrost…

10.11pm – I’ve put all the laundry in the basket, washed my make-up brushes, AND packed for tomorrow. Am I the most productive human of all time? Possibly.

10.12pm – I find baby shampoo doesn’t clean my brushes, so I use a bar of nettle soap. I wonder will that do damage? I mean, this is my second time using it, and I think it works wonders.

10.14pm – OMG Lazy Masquerade has just put up a new video. He’s my favourite horror narrator, but the thing is, I love his voice so much, I’m out like a light when I hear it. Perhaps I shouldn’t listen to these going to bed…they’re so soothing though! That’s definitely me for the night so!




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