A Day in the Life of this Slogger

Tuesday, February 7th 2017

10.40am – I just washed my fish tank, but I went and splashed my socks in the process. It looks like I’m gonna have to wash and get dressed now 😦

10.46am – Yippy pupper outside my window wants to go for a Walkies. I don’t. Still sat here. Pls LAWD send motivation. Wet sock is irksome, but not to the extent that I’ll do something about it.

1.18pm – Visiting grandmother in hospital. She’s already insisting that I need to get    patches for my ripped knee jeans. So much for my OOTD being on point.

1.20pm – Apparently, it’s spontaneous nap time. My grandmother is literally an elderly me.

1.23pm – I’ve run out of minutes on my phone. What did people do before the internet?

1.25pm – I’m so bored, I’m considering doing the exercises my chiropractor gave me. I’ll fit right in with all the geriatrics on the ward doing physio.

1.40pm – Had a moment of excitement when Nana woke of a shot, and suggested we go for a walk. She wanted her rosary beads before we left. I took so long to find them, she’s gone right back to sleep.

1.47pm – I just hit the sweet tooth jackpot, Nana has a bag of Rolos in her bedside locker. Thank heavens for small mercies.

1.48pm – Nana is completely deaf, unless you open food in her presence. Then she wakes up from coma-like states.

2.50pm – There’s a Residents meeting in the hospital sun room at 3. Nana is going on a walkies to the sun room now, so we’ll be there maybe 10 mins late. It’s three doors down.

3.10pm – Not only am I distracting myself, I’m enjoying this meeting. Bored old people are not half as much fun as old people with things to do and think about. I’m making friends.

4.18pm – Nana *reading song lyrics*”I often heard of the wind beneath the barley, but I never heard of the wind beneath my wings.” Well, that there sums up the 70 year generation gap.

5.57pm – Crossword “Find words you would associate with Valentines Day”
Me *looks*… ‘NO’
True dat, crossword. True dat.

7.17pm – My hand-soap is curling in on itself. Is everything avoiding me?

7.20pm – Cousin just sent me snap of everyone getting ice-creams without me.
This is what I get for being reluctant to walk the dogs in the cold.

7.27pm – Oh good, Hellfreezer just put up a new Scary Stories video on YouTube. I’m going to get into bed and listen to it, which means I’ll probably snooze the night away – I can’t wait.

8.08pm – Paused Hellfreezer to make myself tea, since it’s BALTIC in my parents house. Stuck on my slippers, which have not dried after being splashed earlier. Now I have new wet socks. Why do bad things happen to lazy people?

8.10pm – My best friend gave me a paper shredder for my birthday, and I have got to say that it is BEYOND satisfying to let rip on the paper. I’m all for recycling!


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